Ferro 13 The Lady


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Ferro 13

Regio: Veneto

Producent: Ferro 13

Witte wijn

Druif: 85% Pinot Grigio

Ferro 13 is een innovatief Italiaans wijnbedrijf dat wijn produceert met passie en veel creativiteit. Deze 5 jonge wijnmakers komen uit alle streken van Italië en zijn sinds vorig jaar Europa aan het veroveren  met deze typische Italiaanse druivensoorten in een originele verpakking. 

About the THE LADY

Who I am ? 

I am the wine female essence, a women tribute, to their charm, beauty and elegance…

Place of birth

Veneto eastern hills. Harvested in late August. Alcool content between 12 and 12,5% depend on vintage.


My grapes are collected at low temperatures and cold macerated for approximately 7 days. Once pressed and while I am still must, I ferment at no more than 14°C for the duration of the vilification which lasts approximately 30-40 days. I remain on my lees for over 3 months with continuous baronage which means my bouquet remains unaltered. After assemblage, I rest in a vat one month before bottling.

Character and style

Cosmopolitan globe-trotter, an international vision on the world. I do not follow trends, I anticipate them. I have an unique style and an unmistakable identity, I distinguish myself for unconventional details.


Grilled salmon and quinoa with vegetables and herbs, Scampi, grilled tomatoes, Wok of vegetables and spiced chicken with basmati rice.


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